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ACUPUNCTURE (with Insurance)

(Additional information about using your insurance below)

$140 Initial Appointment

$110 Return Appointment

ACUPUNCTURE (No Insurance Coverage) 

$100 Initial Appointment**
$85   Return Appointment**

**Cash Discount based on Time of Service Payment


$40 All Appointments (in group setting)  


Due to the large volume of patients we see, we only provide acupuncture in the Community Clinic. We do not bill insurance for these visits. Herbal Consults are not included.


$80 Initial Consultation

$40 Follow Up Consultation

There is an additional cost for the herbal products, health kits and other supplies that we prescribe.  We charge .10 per gram for our raw herbal formulas and .12 cents per gram for our powdered herbal formulas. Typically herbal formulas cost about $10 to  $25 dollars per week. Most of our pills cost around $22 for a bottle that lasts 10-14 days. We do have tinctures, liniments, ointments and other herbal products available that vary in price and are too numerous to list.

All of the herbs we use have been purchased from companies in the United States that perform quality control testing to ensure no preservatives, pesticides or heavy metals are present. We order organic herbs whenever possible. Currently 20% of the herbs we purchase are organically grown. 

In addition to this we have a source of herbal tinctures that are either organically grown or have been wild crafted in the United States. If you would prefer these herbal tinctures please let your practitioner know. We request a down payment (50% of the cost) when the order is placed and the remainder of the balance is due on delivery.


$60 Moxibustion, Heath Therapy (20 minutes)

$60 Cupping Session (20 minutes)

$160 Tuning Fork Session (60 minutes)

$160 Qi Gong Instruction (60 minutes)

PEDIATRIC VISITS ** (30 minute appointments)
$80 First Visit 
$60 Return Visit 

Children’s conditions change much faster than adults and thus they respond very well to acupuncture.  We treat children of any age and can often treat infants by treating breastfeeding mothers. We do not need to use needles to treat children, all of our practitioners have been trained to use gentle pediatric techniques that involve stimulating channels with the hands or other effective tools. Massage is often taught to the parents to use on their children at home. We also carry a wonderful line of glycerin based tinctures that are very sweet and easy to take.

**For children ages 12 and under.

We usually address this in private acupuncture appointments, but in complex cases where we feel it is necessary to delve deeper we will ask that you schedule additional time to address diet and lifestyle issues that may be impeding progress toward your treatment goals. 



$15 Quick communications (less than 5 minutes to read & respond)

$40 Detailed communications (5-15 minutes or multiple emails)

$60 Complicated cases (16-30 minutes)

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