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The conditions that acupuncture can treat are too numerous to list.  Some common ailments that respond quickly to acupuncture are headaches, body pain, digestive issues, allergies, emotional stress and fatigue. 


No matter what condition we are treating patients notice increased energy and a heightened sense of well-being.   Let acupuncture be the catalyst for the change that you are seeking.

Botanical remedies can give immediate relief to symptoms while addressing the underlying roots of imbalance as well. Our practitioners can assist you in creating a customized herbal medicine cabinet to support your individual needs.  We have formulas for anxiety, stress, acid reflux, colds/flus, allergies, headaches, digestive issues, fatigue, pain and inflammation.


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Take advantage of all we can offer and add on one of our specialty services. Herbal Medicine in conjunction with Acupuncture can move you faster in the direction you want to go.  Cupping, Moxa and Liniment can add a deeper level of relaxation and bliss to your appointment. 

One of the most effective therapies to promote circulation, reduce inflammation and stop pain.


We use the traditional methods of fire cupping with glass vessels to create a small vacuum to relive stress and pressure in inflamed connective tissue.

Whether you want to experience the ultimate energy boost, relieve pain, or strengthen your immune system Moxa can catalyze the change that you need.

Using a variety of techniques, we will focus heat on specific points to create long lasting change.  This therapy can be applied directly to the skin with rice grain moxa or used indirectly over points with a moxa stick or fire wand.  This therapy is warming and stimulating and is great for circulation and restoring your body's deep energy reserves.

With our Online Consultations we can provide you with the the information and the tools needed to treat yourself from the comfort of your home.  


Whether you would like to boost your energy, deal with stress or strengthen you immune system we can help you vitalize your health.  


Our Thrive@Home program can include herbal medicine, acupressure points, home exercises, personalized qi gong movements, dietary advice, and much more. 

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