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We chose the name Nourishing Life because Chinese Medicine is rooted in the practice of “Yang Sheng”. The Chinese word “Yang” means to nurture, take care of, and nourish; “Sheng” means life, birth, growth and vitality. Together “Yang Sheng” means to nurture life or to cultivate health and vitality. Yang Sheng is the practice of health preservation by nurturing body, mind and spirit.

The cultivation of health, rather than simply the treatment of disease, is a major characteristic of Chinese medicine, strongly differentiating it from modern biomedicine. Nourishing life is about balance and harmony. Yang Sheng is a common accessible practice for ordinary people to cultivate health and harmony through daily activities. Rather than treating disease, the focus is on maintaining balance through an awareness of our connection to nature, to our own bodies, and to spirit. It is a powerful practice that can preserve and improve health when engaged in daily.

At Nourishing Life we believe that the more you become involved with your health and responsible for your body, the better you will feel. Our job is to educate you so that you have the tools to sustain your health independently from us. In the tradition of Yang Sheng, it was the practitioner’s job to teach patients daily practices of breath, movement, rest and nutrition to nourish their own life. We try and incorporate all of these elements into your treatment plan.

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