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Jennifer Calvert is a licensed acupuncturist in Washington State and is a nationally credentialed (NCCAOM) Chinese Herbalist. She began her studies of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine at Bastyr University, graduating in 2000 with her Bachelor Degree. Jennifer then pursued her Masters Degree at the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine. Here she studied under the tutelage of prominent doctors of East Asian Medicine in an apprenticeship setting.


The formal education received from the clinical faculty at SIOM allowed Jennifer to study different styles of acupuncture and herbal medicine. Apprenticing alongside doctors with different styles and different specialties provided exposure to the rich diversity found in the acupuncture profession. This diversity has served Jennifer well in her clinic, when treating patients she has an eclectic background of experience from which to draw.Having many "tools" to use in the toolbox enables Jennifer to cater her treatments to meet each individual's needs. Some people are very sensitive to the energy in their body, and need very little stimulation to change their condition, which is particularly true of children. In these cases, Jennifer relies heavily on her training in Japanese Acupuncture, using very gentle acupuncture techniques to shift the body back into a state of equilibrium. Other people may have energy that lies deep in their body, and stronger stimulation is needed to change their condition, often these people also require the use of Chinese Herbal Medicine in tandem with Acupuncture to effectively improve their health.

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