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 Stacey McCarthy

Stacey moved to Port Townsend from Mount Hood in Oregon, where she held a private practice for 20 years, splitting her time between the mountain and Portland.  She earned her BA in English at the University of Minnesota, and went on to study massage.  She practiced privately in Minneapolis before moving to Portland, Oregon, to pursue her Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, which she completed in 2002.  Spurred by an endless curiosity and drive to learn, she has since gone on to study Toyohari, a Japanese system of acupuncture that evolved from blind practitioners.  Her focus has been in general practice, pain management, and preventive care and specializes in neurology.

In recent years Stacey has dedicated herself to treating women’s health issues and is passionate about educating women on current practices and treatments available for menopausal women. Menopause is a natural, multidimensional process that deserves multidimensional consideration. Join Stacey in a joyful, honest, safe space to explore how you can feel your best through this transition.  


Stacey feels that acupuncture offers a lifetime of learning opportunities and has developed an eclectic toolbox from which to pull consistent and clear solutions for her patients.  She also has a background in outdoor recreation and emergency medicine, adding pieces of those experiences to her practice as an acupuncturist.  Her treatment philosophy is defined by kindness, clarity, insight, and collaboration.  She warmly invites you to come see her at Nourishing Life.

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