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Barclay Calvert has been fascinated with biology and the life-sciences for a long time, and graduated from the University of Washington with a pre-med biology degree as well as a degree in Comparative History of Ideas. Before his planned application to medical school, he did work in infectious disease genetics and then a medical program in Ecuador, but Barclay's passion has always been the human body-mind, Eastern philosophies, and different healing paradigms.

Particularly interested in family medicine, general practice, preventive medicine, and how to help people to be more healthy and happy, Barclay turned to Chinese medicine as a better fit for him to practice medicine as he was called to it. Discovering Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) was a revelation to him. TCM focuses on the person, not just the disease, it teaches how to live in harmony with our environment, it has a holistic understanding of the mind, body and spirit, and how to live longer, be healthier, and avoid illness, as well as gentle, non-invasive time-tested treatment methods.

Barclay found TCM to be sophisticated particularly in the areas modern western medicine is lacking, and so Barclay studied at the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine (SIOM) instead of medical school, receiving his Master's Degree and license to practice Chinese Medicine in 2004. He chose SIOM for its small size, its apprenticeship based program, the chance to study with experienced masters, and the strong training in herbal medicine.

Barclay sees medicine in general, and Chinese Medicine in particular, to be a life-long learning, and he continues his studies in order to better serve his patients. He focuses particularly on gentle, Japanese styles of acupuncture, the importance of physical structural alignment for health, and constitutional prescribing of ancient herbal formulas. The rest of the time he is enjoying his two young children, Lilly and Ethan, and his wife Jen, around their home in Port Townsend.​

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