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As a result of injuries and chronic health issues debilitating pain was my constant companion for over thirty years. When I first met Jennifer and Barclay I was unable to work and barely able to walk. Gradually they gave me enough relief from the pain to begin moving in a functional way, to be able to sleep at night and to start building strength again. I had been using chiropractic and alternative medicine my whole life. Jen and Barclay literally turned my health around and led my recovery effort. I now work in construction and land surveying which involves occasional falls and injuries. The Community Clinic is a great way to get 'tuned up' in the least amount of time and effort.


I tried a cortisone injections for my shoulder pain. It didn't work. Not only did the treatment work for my shoulder pain but all my arthritic joints feel better. 

—Julie D.

After months of physical therapy I chose acupuncture for my tennis elbox. It has reduced the pain, allowed me to sleep better, and now I am back to many of my favorite activities. Oh, Thank You!

—Valerie P.


My son had an ongoing cough that kept him up at night for over two months. We came in to see Jen and within three days he had greatly improved. It's so wonderful to have this resource in our community, especially when there are no answers to be found elsewhere. Thank you!

—Chiarra K.


Came in with a numbness in my toes in both feet. Have had excellent results with treatment plus herbs. Also neck pain much, much better. Thank you.

—Mike M.


Feeling improvement in many areas. Long term shoulder pain is gone. Better energy and stamina. Sleep is improved. Effects of Lyme disease are lessened.

—Jan S.


Besides being an incredibly relaxing experience to recline for an hour in their community acupuncture room, the benefits of the acupuncture continue to improve my health and mood outside of the office. Having Lyme disease, I am very sensitive to my personal energy levels. I always leave feeling a great boost while also experiencing an increaded calmness that lasts at least a couple of days. Thank you!

—Rebecca W.


As a new resident to the area, I had not established a relationship with an acupuncture clinic. A sudden onset of acute sciatica had me hunting for immediate help. Nourishing Life got me in the same day and gave me at-home care instructions as well. Within four hours of my first appointment the pain was 100% gone. I'm a patient for life at this clinic!

—Cassie R.


I came in for anxiety and panic attacks. After three appointments the panic attacks are gone. The anxiety has lessened and I've learned some things that I can do at home to support my treatments. This has been the best thing I could have done for my issues. I wish I would have started a lot sooner. The staff is so efficient and kind and so knowledgeable. I'm in really good hands!



I am a 33 year old male and competetive basketball player. Almost three years ago I suffered a very severe sprain of my MCL and PCL. I have tried many different treatments throughout the course of the injury and many different braces to maintain confidence and stability. Still after physical therapy, time, and restrengthening my knee I still had problems and always wore a brace to play. In October of 2012 I reinjured the knee almost as severe as the first sprain. After a recommendation from another basketball player who had knee problems I decided to give it a try. He recommended Nourishing Life Acupuncture. On my first visit Jen said her goal was to have me playing basketball without a brace in three weeks. In my head I chuckled becausse at the time I would have never even dared. Sure enough 2.5 weeks pass and the structure, stability, and flexibility had returned and my knee felt strong. I have now played four consecutive times without a brace and it only feels better every time. With the combined efforts of Jen and Barclay my knee is back to at least 90% in about five weeks and I would like to thank them very much for all their efforts along with the other staff of Nourishing Life. 

—Sean S.


For years, I was treated with with physical therapy, anti-inflammatories, and even a cortisone injection. This is 100% better; I am thrilled. Things have improved that I never expected to get better. The bursitis went away, and I didn't even come in for the bursitis. I originally came to acupuncture because of lingering pain from shingles; acupuncture has relieved the pain from the singles, the IT band, as well as the bursitis. My energy is up and I sleep, with no anti-inflammatories.

—Yvonne M.


For several years, I have had chronic shoulder pain which has severely limited my range of motion and ability to use weights for muscle building. When I sought out acupuncture, I could not life my elbow above my shoulder. I have tried anti-inflammatory and pain medication, physical therapy and turmeric. My "coping mechanism" has been to progressively limit function to not bring on pain. At it's worst, I could hardly drive my car. I tried acupuncture. After the second visit, my pain was completely gone! At subsequent visits, Jen has worked on larger areas to improve tight muscles. I have regained incredible range of motion. I am a believer!

—Nancy B., MN, RN


I have been having dizzy spells and depression for a long time. In 2011, I moved to Port Townsend with my family and found Nourishing Life. The people that work there helped me with my problems with herbs and acupuncture and spoke with me about making little changes that could help with my dizziness/depression. The acupuncture treatments really, really helped me big time! I would say try Nourishing Life. I'm still going there. Hope you give them a try, you'll be glad you did.

—Jim O.

I first came to Nourishing Life one year ago. I'm particularly sensitive to the effects of stress and energetic imbalances in the body. These effects manifest as anxiety, digestive complaints, and sleep difficulties. So I sought treatment for general balance, relaxation and overall well-being. I have a history with acupuncture, both in regular clinic and a community setting.

On this particular occasion, I attended Nourishing Life Acupuncture's Community Clinic and was served by Jennifer Calvert. I was quite surprised from the first visit, the level of attention, energy and expertise that Jennifer offered within the community setting. Not just a quick diagnosis and needles. She truly listened, diagnosed, and responded with a depth of understanding and treatment very specific to my needs. And as I looked out across the room, I was equally amazed to see that she was offering the same level of energy and individualized treatment to each person in the room!

I felt remarkably restored after that first visit. My energy was balanced, no anxiety in sight, and I slept well afterwards. It has now been one year and 25 treatments later at the Community Clinic. And over that time, Jennifer has served those same issues, as well as others that have popped up along the way. And with each visit, she has embodied the same level of attention, commitment and energy as that first time. And with the same remarkable results! Not only do I enjoy more balance, calm, and better sleep, but I feel an overall sense of health and well-being that translates to all areas of my life. Than, Jennifer, and the Nourishing Life Community Clinic!

—Steve R.



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