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Take advantage of all we can offer and add on one of our specialty services. Herbal Medicine in conjunction with Acupuncture can move you faster in the direction you want to go.  Cupping, Moxa and Liniment can add a deeper level of relaxation and bliss to your appointment. 

Acupuncture Plus+ Cupping

Reduces tissues tension, inflammation and pain.  This connective tissue therapy can melt knots and adhesions, increase circulation and relax your body and mind.  


Acupuncture Plus+ Moxa

Get fired up, boost your immune system, increase energy or utilize points to promote a deeper sleep cycle.  This targeted heat (fire) therapy uses mugwort in various forms to achieve your health goals.


Acupuncture Plus+ Topical Herbs & InfraRed Therapy

One of our most popular treatments, enjoy the therapeutic benefits of one of our herbal liniments that are applied topically to painful areas and then heated under an infrared lamp.   One of the quickest ways to relax tension, relieve stress or get relief from pain and inflammation.


Acupuncture Plus+ Specialty Products 

Enhance your care between your appointments with take home products like magnets, ear seeds and micro-needles, or tacks.

Acupuncture Plus+ Electrical Stimulation (E-Stim)

This beneficial therapy uses a gentle electric current to stimulate muschle contraction to relax painful, tight tense tissues.  It is also utilized to promote the healing of torn connective tissue and encourages bone growth.  



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