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Specialty Services

$80 Initial Consultation

$40 Follow Up Consultations

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Add one of our specialty services to your acupuncture treatment or enjoy a more in depth session by scheduling it as a stand alone service

Cupping:  Connective Tissue Therapy

We can provide you with customized care and support to meet your health needs.  Call us to

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Moxa: Herbal Heat Therapy

Get fired up, boost your immune system, increase energy or utilize points to promote a deeper sleep cycle.  This targeted heat (fire) therapy uses mugwort in various forms to achieve your health goals.

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These kits include instructions and a variety of tools for you to utilize.  Whether you are interested in immune support, emotional balancing, improving your digestion, reducing stress, promoting sleep, decreasing inflammation and pain, or boosting your energy our Thrive@Home program can help, by providing:

  • Moxa Boxes: Direct Heat Therapy with Rice Grain Moxibustion.

  • Botanical Tinctures: Address specific conditions and get relief!

  • Information for you to find acupuncture points that are condition-specific.

  • Strips of magnets or press tacks to apply on points.

  • Herbal soaks to relax, unwind and pamper your achy hands and feet.

  • Ear seeds and an auricular ear map to find your way.

  • Plasters, liniments and lotions to calm inflammation and pain.

  • Fire Wands: Indirect Heat Therapy (aka Arthritis Relief Sticks)



Support your health from the comfort of your home

  • Fire Up Your Immune System with Moxibustion this Fall

    • MoXaBoX (Rice Grain Direct Moxa)

    • Fire Wands (Indirect Moxa)

    • Tiger Warmer (Moxa Device)

  • Herbal Formulas for your Medicine Cabinet

    • Force Field:  Immune support to keep you from getting sick

    • 1st Defense:  To use at the onset of cold or flu symptoms

    • Clear Lungs:  Dissolves phlegm & fluids, clearing lungs of congestion

  • Power Point Stimulation (Meridian Navigation Kits)

    • Acupressure

    • Magnets 

    • Press tacks

    • Ear Seeds

    • Moxibustion

  • Circulation Support: Stop Pain & Reduce Inflammation

    • Soaks

    • Liniments

    • Plasters

    • Ointments

    • Lotions 

    • Internal Herbal Medicine Support

  • One Pot Potions to Enjoy

    • Sweet Dreams (Sleep Support)

    • Chi Chai (Warming Digestive Tonic)

    • Memory Magic (Concentration Decoction)

    • EnerQi Boost (Energy Tonic)

    • Emoji Elixer (Emotional Balancing)

  • Pamper Yourself! (Treat Your Friends & Family Too)

    • Healing Bath Salt Soaks

    • Tincture Kits

    • Eye Pillows

    • Meditation Candles

    • Floating Leaves Tea (Oolong, Pu'er & Green Tea Selections)

    • Tea Sets 

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